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weekend jobs [06 Mar 2010|10:56pm]

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I would like to get a part time job somewhere, and I need it to be on the weekend. anyone have any good suggestions for cafes or some such where I could work only on weekends? preferably in the downtown kirkwoodish area, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Shameless Self Promotion [29 Nov 2009|09:59pm]

I am giving away free poetry Ebooks on my website. Most of the poems were written either in or about Bloomington. Check them out. If you don't like them, then just delete the file. They are in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format.

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[26 Nov 2009|08:32am]

Hi, Bloomington. I'm an experimental film director who is probably goin to screen some of his works in your town soon. Look at this trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CO79YUAIcw

More info: http://directoradamcooley.angelfire.com .. more news soon, thanks.

[15 Jul 2009|09:34pm]

For Sale:
Solid Wood Desk & Sewing CabinetCollapse )

Contact via e-mail for questions or offers. Have more pictures upon request.

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Garage Sale Today! (repost w/ flyer) [11 Jul 2009|06:41am]

Come one, come all to buy all of our stuff! Two gals are moving across the country and cleaning out many, many closets and drawers.


small appliances
books books books
clothing (mostly women's sizes 10 - 18, some great vintage)
housewares/ kitchen gear
dishes (including a full, never used set of dishes for 8)
coffee tables
end tables
book and cd shelves
small appliances (small food processor, blender, etc.)
small pet supplies (including sm. pet carrier used once)
manual (reel) lawnmower
belly dance costuming
craft supplies

...courtesy two nerdy, ever-so-slightly hip twentysomething couples skipping town and downsizing.

702 West 4th Street (at Fairview, two blocks west of Rogers), 7 am until we're too tired and sunburnt to stay out anymore.

Smells like a change of scenery and/or desperation to be rid of our gently used, loved items.

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Please help the Dearborn County shelter dogs!! [29 Apr 2009|09:31pm]


Time is running out for cherry....whistle.....cricket.... and dozens of dogs in Dearborn County.

"We're so over crowed right now...we're at the point here, where somebody's going to have to be going," says Dearborn county animal shelter officer Lisa Harrison.

They need your help, and without it these big eyes and wagging tails will be gone forever...put to sleep. And shelter director Ann Averill says that's not what she wants.

"We really don't want to euthanize any of them if we can help it," Averill says.

But soon that won't be a choice and even this week some have already been put down. Recently the shelter saw a 30 percent increase in the dog population. Some picked up on the side of the road...others simply left outside.

"We find them tied to the trailer and just roaming around outside the shelter. Our numbers are defiantly up," Averill says

A new addition to the shelter is Venus. She is a yellow lab mix and was recently abandoned and needs a great home. "She is an excellent dog, she makes a great pet for any family, she seems to like kids...she's house broken," Harrison says

The process is fun and even easy on the wallet.

Adoption fees are just forty dollars. If the dog is not spayed or neutered, the shelter will pay for the procedure at one of the local veterinarians. Another perk, the shelter is running a special where they'll give you a brand new leader leash. You can even bring in your other pets for a meet and greet.

The shelter is also in need of all donations, including dog and cat food, litter, hay or straw for bedding and cash donations to help with medical expenses.

The Dearborn County Animal Shelter is located at 11681 County Farm Road, Aurora, Indiana 47001 or you can visit the website at http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/IN186.html
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Bloomington Poetry Slam This Thursday! [20 Jan 2009|09:47pm]


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Yes we can! [22 Dec 2008|07:01pm]

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Bloomington Poetry Slam Tomorrow Night! [16 Dec 2008|06:40am]


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Poetry Slam Tomorrow Night! [18 Nov 2008|07:21am]


Hey everyone!

This is just a quick reminder that the Bloomington Poetry Slam is tomorrow night (Wednesday) at Rachael's Cafe! Check out the flyer for more information. You can check out the MATRIX site for more info as well. We need poets! We need judges! We need witnesses! Hope to see everyone there!

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Poetry Slam Next Wednesday! [13 Nov 2008|08:50pm]


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Teak queen-size platform bed + 2 nightstands [13 Nov 2008|08:00pm]

Modern style ... low, simple headboard and clean lines.  Most of it is solid teak, except for parts that don't show, like the slats and support that holds up your mattress.  No mattress included.  The headboard only sticks up maybe 6" above where the top of your pillow would be, and is essentially a big box that's about 6" deep so you could put your clock or lamp or phone on it if you wanted ... but then there are also two matching nightstands iincluded:  nice large-ish ones with a single drawer but a large shelf above it and a small shelf below.   Each big enough for a lamp, an alarm clock, a phone, a stack of books and magazines and more hotwheels cars than you'd really rather prefer to have right next to your bed.

I wish I'd thought to take photos before we took the bed apart, but I wasn't smart enough to do that.  It's something of a puzzle, putting the bed together (the nightstands are ready to go), but it's that good Scandinavian Design stuff, well-designed and solid.

They're not in perfect condition, but damned good.  My husband just wants them outta the garage and would probably almost pay someone to take them, but I'd like us to get *something* for them, because they're good solid pieces of furniture, and teak ain't cheap.

Available for pickup on the southeast corner of Bloomington:  you bring a truck (or van or SUV or whatever) and I'll help you load it up.  None of the pieces are too heavy for two reasonably strong-backed adults.

So make me an offer, or whatever.  lucimama at gmail dot com.

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