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Local Dance events - FYI

Hello all - here's some information about some local dance events coming up. Cut for length and courtesy.

Saturday December 6, 2008
Bloomington, IN

Hipnotic has been performing in the Chicago area since 2002. With a firm foundation in American Tribal Style, they have integrated African, Indian, Hip Hop, Gothic and Flamenco styles to make their performances interesting, colorful and mesmerizing. They are dedicated to bringing a fresh look to tribal style belly dance and truly believe in the power of the troupe, as well as the energy created within when dancing.

Belly Dance Workshops
10 – Noon: Floored! - A Turkish Drop Workshop (Limit 10 participants)
The Turkish Drop is a well-known belly dance move. Though it is not performed in traditional Egyptian styles of dance, it can be found in Turkish Belly Dance as well as other styles of dance such as Flamenco and many dancers add it to their fusion choreographies, and tribal stylizations. The Turkish Drop requires a combination of strength and flexibility to be done correctly to minimize injury. This workshop explores the physical requirements of performing a safe Turkish Drop.

1:30 – 3:30: Action Extraction - Cues From Choreography
How many times have you taken a workshop with a 5 minute choreography? How many times do you remember the choreography? That's what we thought - we don't remember them either! This workshop is designed to help you pull out choreography moves that you want to tribalize! Learn how to identify the beginning, middle and end of the move and ideas on HOW to end them. Use this skill to create moves from your favorite belly dancing DVDs!

Performance – 7:30 pm
Don’t miss seeing Hipnotic live in performance, along with Dark Side Tribal and other amazing dancers! If you’re interested in performing in the show, contact Dark Side Tribal at darksidetribaldance@gmail.com.

Both workshops and the performance will be held at Harmony School, located at 909 E. 2nd Street in Bloomington, IN.

Turkish Drop workshop: $40 ($50 after Nov. 13)
Action Extraction workshop: $30 ($40 after Nov. 13)
Both workshops: $60 ($80 after Nov. 13)

Tickets to the show are $10 (or $8 with student ID)

You can register online and pay using Paypal at http://www.darksidetribal.com. If you prefer to write a check and mail in your registration, There is a pdf flyer up that you can download and print out.

There is ONE spot left for the Turkish Drop workshop and if you aren't a dancer - come to the gala show! It's a stupid cheap price - 10 at the door and 8 with a student ID and you'll get AWESOME wrapped up in shiny bits, kucchi jewelry and sparkly make up. There will be many of your local favorites - Dark Side Tribal, Different Drummer - and many talented dancers from all over. So get off your butt, grab a friend or three and come hang out with us!

Second: This weekend Dark Side Tribal is proud to be a part of the 3rd Annual Wellness Expo's Healing Sounds Concert. More information may be found here: http://www.indianaholistichealth.net/wellnessexpoconcert.htm

We've prepared a fantastic veil piece along with a dynamic bit of fast ATS improv and you should be there. There will be storytelling, dance, flute music and other kinds of win.

Thanks for your attention!
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