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Teak queen-size platform bed + 2 nightstands

Modern style ... low, simple headboard and clean lines.  Most of it is solid teak, except for parts that don't show, like the slats and support that holds up your mattress.  No mattress included.  The headboard only sticks up maybe 6" above where the top of your pillow would be, and is essentially a big box that's about 6" deep so you could put your clock or lamp or phone on it if you wanted ... but then there are also two matching nightstands iincluded:  nice large-ish ones with a single drawer but a large shelf above it and a small shelf below.   Each big enough for a lamp, an alarm clock, a phone, a stack of books and magazines and more hotwheels cars than you'd really rather prefer to have right next to your bed.

I wish I'd thought to take photos before we took the bed apart, but I wasn't smart enough to do that.  It's something of a puzzle, putting the bed together (the nightstands are ready to go), but it's that good Scandinavian Design stuff, well-designed and solid.

They're not in perfect condition, but damned good.  My husband just wants them outta the garage and would probably almost pay someone to take them, but I'd like us to get *something* for them, because they're good solid pieces of furniture, and teak ain't cheap.

Available for pickup on the southeast corner of Bloomington:  you bring a truck (or van or SUV or whatever) and I'll help you load it up.  None of the pieces are too heavy for two reasonably strong-backed adults.

So make me an offer, or whatever.  lucimama at gmail dot com.

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